Power to the Purchase!

Buying union means buying American. It means that every dollar you spend goes towards protecting working people by helping them to earn a livable wage in safe conditions, provide health care for their families and pursue the American promise of creating a better life for every future generation.

Labor 411 believes that working people deserve the support of their neighbors, communities and friends. By making the choice to spend our money on union-made goods and services that are made in our country by workers who are treated fairly, we are helping to protect the middle class, strengthen our national economy and build a stronger America. We call that ethical consumerism, and we hope you will join us in making the everyday decisions count.

So the next time you're buying toothpaste, planning your vacation or even choosing a cell phone service, make Labor 411 your first stop. With more than 4,700 union products and services and growing, Labor 411 is the most comprehensive listing of union-made products anywhere.


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