By Sandy Southivilay

Before we get into the warm months, Labor 411 has one more recipe for those cold days that are hanging around: vegetable beef soup! It’s jam-packed with lots of vegetables to help boost the immune system; plus, its delicious ingredients will support good jobs.


1 lb. beef cut into pieces (Beef Products Inc.)
2 bay leaves
1 tsp garlic
15oz beans (Hanover Beans)
1 onion (Dole)
4 red potatoes (Dole)
15 oz tomatoes (Gargiulo)
32 oz beef broth (Swanson)
1 ½ tsp seasoned salt (Morton Salt)
1 tbsp vegetable oil (Mazola)
24 oz mixed vegetables, frozen (Spartan Frozen Vegetables)


1.    First, heat oil over a medium heat in a large skillet.
2.    Cut the beef into small pieces and then season with salt and pepper.
3.    Make sure the beef is cooked and brown on all sides.
4.    Cut potatoes and onion into pieces.
5.    Transfer the beef to a slow cooker and add beans, garlic, bay leaves, potatoes and onion.
6.    Add in the tomatoes, mixed vegetables, and beef broth.
7.    Cook the beef soup on low for 8-10 hours.
8.    The soup is done when the potatoes are tender and the beef is not tough.
9.    Finally, remove the bay leaves and enjoy!

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