By Michael Messina

The unaffordability of rent in the United States has become a well-documented phenomenon of late. Another recent study has shown that a two-bedroom rental is virtually unaffordable to people making the national minimum wage. This makes you wonder: How can these people possibly get by without working themselves to the bone?

In their press release, the National Low Income Housing Coalition writes:

In no state, metropolitan area or county in the United States can a full-time worker earning the prevailing minimum wage afford a modest two-bedroom apartment…

The report finds that in order to afford a modest two-bedroom apartment at fair market rent, a full-time worker in America today must earn $20.30 per hour—a figure that is almost $5 more than the average hourly wage of renters in the U.S. A full-time worker needs to earn $16.35 per hour to afford a modest one-bedroom apartment.

A worker earning the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour would need to work 2.8 full time jobs, or approximately 112 hours per week for all 52 weeks of the year, in order to afford a two-bedroom apartment at HUD’s Fair Market Rent (FMR). If this worker slept for eight hours per night, he or she would have no remaining time during the week for anything other than working and sleeping.

Check out their fact sheet below and see where your state stands. It’s time to raise the federal minimum wage and give these people a fighting chance at a respectable lifestyle.

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