By Michael Messina

California’s primary election currently is underway, and in the days leading up to the vote Republicans took a big hit in the race to add voters to books. California now has 17,915,053 registered voters and the Democrats now hold a 17.5 percent lead over the Republican Party.

According to the LA Times, “Of the 646,220 people who registered in the final rush – between April 8 and May 23 – 76% became Democrats.” That’s roughly 490,000 newly registered Democrats. Will all of them vote? No, but those are significant numbers however you look at it.

We encourage everyone to vote today, no matter your party preference, but Republicans might want to take note. The Golden State has been strongly Democratic for a long time now, and a big shift just went in their favor.

How will this affect the big show in November? Only time will tell.

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