By Evan Henerson

While unions got plenty of love at the Democratic National Convention’s first ever Labor Caucus, reporter Emily Stewart of TheStreet visited with a couple of organizations that are encouraging people to buy union as well.

Stewart interviewed Labor 411 President Cherri Senders and gave a shout out to a few of the goods and services that are part of our #BuyBlue campaign such as Rite Aid, Hertz and Molton Coors.

“It can't always be about cheap, because otherwise we stand at the docks and wave goodbye to our jobs,” Senders told Stewart.

Stewart’s article “At Democratic Convention, Push for Consumers to Buy American Union-Made Goods” gave a shoutout to Labor 411 partner Unite Here and its Fair Hotel tracker which identifies lodgings that are involved in labor disputes…places like Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

Read Stewart’s article here, and don’t forget to click to page 2 to get every word.

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