Did you know that 83% of products recalled over the last year were foreign made?  The overwhelming majority of these recalls were against Chinese-made goods. In recent years toxic Chinese dog food has painfully killed 3600 American dogs and cats. 81 American citizens were killed by a Chinese blood thinner before it was recalled. In 2007, 25 million children's toys manufactured in China were recalled due to toxic amounts of lead. Lead poisoning in children can result in permanent brain damage and organ failure.

What are we doing as a society in exposing our most vulnerable to toxic products?made in china

Many Americans may not be familiar with the concept of "saving face" in traditional Chinese culture. "Saving face" is avoiding social disgrace and it is very important for the Chinese. In fact, during the Great Leap Forward in the 1950's up to as many as 45 million Chinese starved to death in part due to leaders of agricultural collectives refusing to admit that they had not met their quota. Instead to save face they gave all their grain away to the government... leading to the starvation of the entire collective.

Though a great deal has changed in the last 50 years in China, the concept of saving face remains strong. If factory manager is behind on his quota or his budget, what is to keep him from using inferior quality or even toxic materials to meet his numbers in order to save face? Nothing.

Remember, these recalls of toxic and dangerous goods do not happen the day they arrive in the United States. Sometimes it takes the death of 3600 pets or the poisoning of hundreds of children before a product is taken off the shelf. Why take that chance?

American-made, union-made products are not only better for the economy and the environment, but they're safer for your family. Unions are committed to quality and safety. Though many scoff at union rules, they are there to create a safer, non-toxic work environment which is not only better for workers, it's better for you and your family.

Next time you're shopping do the right thing for yourself, your country and your family:  Buy American. Buy union.


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