By Evan Henerson

When the Chicago Cubs take on the Cleveland Indians tonight for the start of the World Series, those two teams vying for the World Series crown will be proudly wearing union-made uniforms manufactured in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Well, at least they should be proud. The 400 workers at VF Majestic are members of Workers United PA Joint Board, an affiliate of SEIU.

According to a cool and very timely guest blog published by UComm, every player gets three to five sets of uniforms per season (no mention of how many unis are in a set) to say nothing of that same player’s uniform that goes into the souvenir shop. For an occasion like the death of Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, the VF Majestic workers had to come in and crank out 100 Fernandez jerseys in three hours in order to have the stock available for a tribute game.

The announcement that Baltimore-based Under Armour will take over the Major League Baseball licensing agreement for uniforms in 2020 Workers United pledging that they will fight to keep VF Majestic jobs in Pennsylvania.

We'll watch how that one plays out. In the meantime, give it up for the VF Majestic Workers who know how to hit a home run with every stitch.

Read more about the union made MLB uniforms here.



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