By Michael Messina

Black Friday has been creeping into Thanksgiving for a few years now and the farther the hours roll back, the more we cringe here at Labor 411.

We know the appeal of the deal, and we’re not condemning Black Friday, but when the need for retailers to make a buck infringes on much-needed time with the people we care for, then we’ve got a problem.

Some stores have taken a stand for workers and their families, and we applaud those continued efforts. As the San Jose Mercury reports:

Stores like Costco and Nordstrom have long stayed closed on Thanksgiving, and will continue that trend this year, opening instead the next morning to offer their Black Friday discounts.

Outdoor gear retailer REI has gone a step further — for the second year in a row it will be closed on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

The retailer will offer Thanksgiving and Black Friday as paid holidays for its employees, and it will not process online orders on Thanksgiving.

Other stores have allowed what we are calling the “Black Friday Creep” to seep into Thanksgiving more and more. So we started a petition at, and now more than 55,000 signatures later, American shoppers are clearly taking a stand of their own.

From the Labor 411 petition addressed to Walmart, Target and JCPenney:

In pursuit of the almighty dollar, some retailers open their stores on Thanksgiving Day, forcing many of their employees to work. We know that companies can support their bottom line without sacrificing their employees’ well being. Many chain stores do well and are NOT open on Thanksgiving.

As a patriotic American, I am against “Black Friday Creep,” and believe retail workers at big box stores deserve a day to spend with family.

Read the full petition and sign your name to keep Thanksgiving as a day for family and rest for all workers.

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