By Spike Dolomite-Ward
Labor 411 Foundation Development Director

I’m dreaming of a Blue Christmas with every Christmas gift I buy.


This year, when we’re giving special thought to the special loved ones on our gift list, let’s give a little extra thought to the people who are impacted by the chain of production. Do your Christmas gift purchases help the economy by protecting American jobs?

When you make a purchase, you’re actually endorsing the company and its business practices.  Do the practices of the businesses you buy from align with your own values?

If we are not careful, our holiday shopping can cause harm, but we can also use our power to affect change.  Since we will all be spending more than usual over the next couple of weeks, let’s try to make a positive impact on our national economy by deliberately spending money so it will benefit America.

Right now, with so much happening on a daily basis that is outside of our control – cabinet picks, Twitter rants, the complicity of the GOP, the CIA investigating Russia’s involvement in our election, and the media failing its duty to inform – it’s hard to feel like we have power over anything.

But we do.  Everything we buy has a social, economic or environmental impact. How we shop this holiday season is fully within our control. Check the Labor 411 directory for union made gift ideas.

Think before you spend this Christmas.


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