By Evan Henerson

We’ve heard this tune before.  Well-treated, contented employees not only work for successful companies, they actually contribute to their employers’ success.

Yes, we have heard this tune before, but it never gets sour. And it’s always helpful when a news outlet – in this case Upworthy – breaks out some fresh data to confirm what we already know. Organizations like In-N-Out Burger and Starbucks pay their employees fairly, provide them several significant employee perks and still manage to turn a profit. Go figure. Casting their net out further, Upworthy refers to a 2016 National Employment Law Project Study  that "finds no correlation between federal minimum wage increases and lower employment levels." 

The folks at Upworthy note that they were “paid to promote this by Civic Ventures as part of a special Upworthy series about trickle-down economics.”  Fair enough. Meet the “5 Successful corporations (that) show what can happen when employees are paid a living wage.”

1.    In-N-Out
2.    Costco
3.    Trader Joe’s
4.    Starbucks
5.    Ben & Jerry’s

Read the full article to learn more detail about these companies’ business practices

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