By Evan Henerson

What a very Puz-zling choice for Secretary of Labor President Donald Trump has selected!

The list against CKE CEO Andrew Puzder is already festooned with red flags (hates idea of raising minimum wage, sexist Carl’s Jr. TV adds, wants robots in his restaurants). Now, in anticipation of Puzder’s February confirmation, hearings, Capital & Main is going after the nominee with its investigative guns blazing.

A three part investigation kicks off with a report by Robin Urevich - co-published by Newsweek – stating that on Puzder’s watch, CKE and its brands had the “highest rate of employment discrimination lawsuits among the top U.S. burger chains.”

Delving into case files and interviewing plaintiffs who settled their cases, Urevich lays out some scathing evidence of racial bigotry and sexual harassment, often at restaurants located in southern states.
“It’s unclear what Andrew Puzder’s personal response, if any, to the charges of sexual harassment or racial discrimination at his company has been,” Urevich  concludes, “But as he faces questioning from the Senate Committee on Health Education Labor and Pension next month, he may be asked to provide answers.

After all, at the Department of Labor, he would oversee agencies like the Women’s Bureau, which ensures fair treatment of women at work, and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, which is specifically charged with rooting out the type of discrimination that has been repeatedly alleged  at Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s.”

Read the entire article here. Check back tomorrow for Capital & Main's second investigative article.

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