By Michael Messina

At Labor 411 we believe that if a person works a full time job, he or she should be able to get by in this life without extra monetary assistance. Living in poverty should not be the punishment for working a low-skills job, but soon-to-be-Labor-Secretary Andrew Puzder doesn’t seem to share that sentiment. A former employee of Puzder’s Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. fast food chain recently wrote an op-ed piece that ran in the Chicago Tribune, and it tells a frightening tale of labor abuse and gives us a glimpse of the Puzder era to come.

Joann Wise writes for the Tribune:

I already know what Trump/Puzder economics look like because I'm living it every day. Despite giving everything I had to Puzder's company for 21 years, I left without a penny of savings, with no health care and no pension. Now, while I live in poverty, Trump, who promised to fix the rigged economy, has chosen for labor secretary someone who wants to rig it up even more. He's chosen the chief executive of a company who recently made more than $10 million in a year, while I'm scraping by on Supplemental Security payments.

Sadly, that's the America Trump and Puzder believe in: an America where workers give everything to an employer, and in return, receive nothing.

It’s a classic example of the profits-over-people mentality that runs rampant in much of corporate America today. The Labor Secretary post is meant to be held by someone who will fight for workers. Puzder clearly doesn’t hold that mentality. Wise’s testimony is just further evidence that Trump is letting yet another fox walk through the door of the henhouse.

Read the full Tribune piece here.

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