By Evan Henerson

Where would the Oscars be without unions? Positively nowhere.

That magical night – February 26 this year - of stars, glitz, glamour and endless thanks would not be possible without a whole lot of backing from a whole bunch of unions.

Some of the guilds you probably already know… like the Directors Guild of America (DGA) whose members orchestrate the film, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) whose members (duh!) perform in them and many of the technical disciplines from cinematographers to makeup, costume designers and editors.

But if you cast the net out further, past the movies themselves and past what you see on TV during the awards telecast (February 26 this year), you will find a lot more diverse union muscle going into that Hollywood ceremony. How about the stagehands who work the Dolby Theatre, the Teamsters who set everything up and the hotel staff who make sure those after-parties are so swankified and go off without a hitch?

We could go on, and we will. In the two weeks leading up to the Oscars, watch this space and the Labor 411 Facebook page for #OscarsSoUnion, an informative and -we hope- fun-filled look at Oscar’s union ties and some creative ways to go union on the night itself. If you have some suggestions, or union-related Oscar fun facts, by all means send ‘em our way.

And the envelope please…

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