By Evan Henerson

Here’s yet another reason why America – and unions in particular - can’t lose Bernie Sanders.

Sanders and actor Danny Glover marched with thousands of workers in Canton, Mississippi over the weekend in support of their right to unionize. The demonstration took place at a Nissan plant that has resisted its workers attempt to unionize and has employed anti-union intimidation tactics.

Sanders noted that American workers who are members of unions earn up to 27 percent more than their non-union counterparts. “They get pensions and better working conditions,” he told the Washington Post. “I find it very remarkable that Nissan is allowing unions to form at its plants all over the world. Well, if they can be organized everywhere else, they can be organized in Mississippi.”

Also joining the demonstration were Rep. Bennie Thompson, NAACP President Cornell Brooks, Sierra Club President Aaron Mair and Ohio Sen. Nina Turner.

“One worker walking into a multinational corporation has zero power, but when workers stand together and they negotiate decent wages, decent working conditions, decent healthcare, you have power,” Sanders said during the demonstration.

He may have been preaching to the converted. Unfortunately, union membership is declining with 10.7% of working adults claiming union membership. Unions lost 240,000 members in 2016 and 96,000 members left unions in New York from 2015 to 2016.

Read the report in the Daily Mississippian.

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