By Evan Henerson

You know things aren’t looking good when someone is comparing to the country's second largest employer and they don’t mean it as a compliment.

Next week, advocates in the Fight for $15 campaign (including employees of the Service Employees International Union, SEIU) will meet up at Trump Tower in downtown Chicago and march to the Rock N Roll McDonald’s located about a half mile away.

No, they’re not going for lunch. This March on McDonald’s is an effort to urge the corporate giant with the golden arches (the nation's second largest employer) to pay their employees an hourly minimum wage of at least $15 and to allow its workers to unionize. The following day, many of those same marchers will go to McDonald’s annual shareholders meeting and continue to air their…er…beef both at the company’s Oak Park headquarters and at eateries throughout the country. Organizers are hoping to 10,000 protesters on Tuesday. 

And, yes, the Trump Tower place of debarkation for the March on McDonald’s is deliberate and symbolic. Fight for $15 organizing director Kendall Fells tells the Washington Post that McDonald’s is “the Donald Trump of corporations.”

“There’s no way to resist Donald Trump without resisting the corporations that are bringing us all down,” Fells said.

More from the Post:

“Labor rights are women’s rights,” Carmen Perez, co-chair of the Women’s March, said in an email. “The link between the gender justice and labor justice movements is strong — but often unacknowledged. Women’s March is proud to join others to rise up against unfair labor practices, economic exploitation and workplace sexual harassment. These fights are our fights, and the only way we win is together.”

The deplorable payment isn’t the only problem Fight for $15 has with McDonald’s. The group’s website has several pages of anti-McDonald’s information, including video, that also addresses sexual harassment that employees have often faced.

If you’re in the Chicago area on Tuesday, join the march. If not, you can show your support on social media. Learn more here.

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