By Sahid Fawaz

Things are heating up in the Lone Star State.

USA Today reports:

"A labor union has filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board over Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ threat to bench players who take part in protests during the national anthem.

Local 100 of the United Labor Unions, which represents workers in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas, has requested the NLRB to 'investigate preemptively in order to prevent illegal firings of players.'

'Sorry, Jerry, you're over the line, partner,' the union said on its Facebook page. 'Workers have rights.'

Wade Rathke, chief organizer of Local 100, told the Forth Worth Star-Telegram in a statement that the players have a right to protest, and Jones has no authority to punish players over their actions during the anthem.

'Jones, through his efforts to bully his playing workforce, is attempting to unilaterally establish a previously nonexistent condition of work,' Rathke said.

NFL owners will meet next week in New York, and player protests -- meant to call attention to racial inequality and police brutality -- will be discussed, with possible changes to the league policy in the offing. Currently, the NFL’s operations manual says players 'should' stand at attention during the anthem."

For the rest of the story, check out the entire piece at USA Today here.


+1 #2 Charles Moore 2017-10-15 06:26
Thomas J Mallow
Everyone seems to have an opinion about rather to stand up or sit down. If I was an NFL player, I would be taking a knee. The whole issue came about to call attention to the heavy handed and sometimes fatal interactions, when black people come in contact with law enforcement. Black people are probably the most patriotic group in this country. US as black people, mostly, live in very diverse communities and have the leasure to interact with the UN at very candid moments. At this time you will see how much black people love there country, but us as a nation have a lot of growing up to do.
Stay strong sisters and brothers
Teamsters Local 125
+1 #1 Thomas J Mallon 2017-10-12 21:46
Wade Rather, do you stand for the anthem? We stand at our union meeting every month.
And when I say we, I mean every member. DC#21-Local 2011

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