By Sahid Fawaz

This Christmas will be a bitter one for AT&T employees who are finding themselves without a job.

Fox 4 News reports:

"AT&T has announced layoff’s affecting people in five states, including Missouri.

Just days before Christmas, hundreds of people in the metro found out they will be out of jobs come Jan. 4.

On Dec. 16, the company announced a surplus affecting an estimated 600 employees in Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. The workers affected are both indoor and outdoor technicians.

Many of the layoffs in the metro area affect Direct TV technicians and employees at a local call center.

On Thursday, leaders of the Local 6360 Union held a meeting to offer help and share resources with workers who have been laid off. The meeting falls on the same night AT&T announced $1,000 bonuses for more than 200,000 U.S. employees in response to the GOP Tax Plan passing. Those recently notified of these job cuts say the bonuses seem like a slap in the face.

'How can you lay people off and then give them $1,000 and say that there’s going to be more jobs available? I wish someone could tell me how that’s possible because I have to explain that to my members, and right now at this time of year, this is a difficult pill to swallow,' said Joseph Blanco, president of Local 6360 Communication Workers of America Union.

'It makes no sense. It creates a lot of tension and, quite frankly, a lot of our members are on edge because they don’t understand the direction of this company and its mentality of how they’re being treated,' he said."

For the rest of the story, check out the Fox 4 News article and broadcast here.


0 #20 granaropid1976 2018-05-24 01:55
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+1 #19 JayDee 2017-12-26 23:08
And every single one is in a state which went for Trump in the election. Funny that.
0 #18 john willow 2017-12-25 05:10
There's a mentally challenged poster here named retired 130 who doesn't understand that layoffs don't happen because employees are not needed, but because out-of-touch managers are trying to find the easiest way to balance the budget and don't have enough imagination to find other ways. Retired 130 is also the kind of ugly, hateful person who feeds off the misfortune of others. He is a standard Trump drone, full of spleen against everyone that he perceives is infringing upon his little, entitled, white world.
+3 #17 STR8FAN 2017-12-24 18:47
The laid off workers need not worry. There will be coal jobs available soon.

+4 #16 STR8FAN 2017-12-24 18:44
Well there should be jobs available in the coal industry pretty quick.

+5 #15 Jack Dainty 2017-12-23 08:47
-12 #14 L.A. 2017-12-22 23:24
As an AT&T employee, when the company surplus a department or division, those employees have a choice, and are given set timeframe in which to find a position within the company. My manager was laid off last year. And any employee that leaves on good terms can come back to the company. This is a bad situation and it will create issues for the employees affected by this, but as one commenter said, it happens all the time with big companies. As far as the tax reform, I have never and probably will never agree with Turmp, however, that $1000 bonus will help my family and I am grateful that AT&T is spreading the wealth so to speak. AT&T is planing to do, exactly as they should do with their savings due to this reform, invest more money in network growth and their employees. Hopefully it will lead to more jobs with better raises and benefits.
+12 #13 Tami 2017-12-22 21:37
Layoffs happen at AT&T. I was one of thousand of unfortunate people laid off from AT&T in June of 2016. It was a blessing in disguise. I am much happier working for a family owned business and treated with more respect than anyone Manager had for people at AT&T, corporations suck especially when the government is in AT&T’s pockets. Sad they feel the need to layoff technicians. Their services have gone down hill. At least they paid for a portion of my schooling and I received a Good serverance package.
+12 #12 sonja 2017-12-22 21:21
I totally agree with one person bring the jobs back to the US so when we call for help they can understand what we are explaining to them and we can understand what they are saying on the phone , And that's how you appreciate your employees that do their best to work out all the bugs that your company has when you lure people in for your services
-40 #11 Retired130 2017-12-22 20:58
So most of you want the company to keep paying people that are no longer needed. Just have them come to work & sit around & collect a paycheck as there position is no longer needed. There are only 2 organizations that do this (1) The Federal Government and (2) A 100% socialist or communist country where the government controls all the businesses.
Layoffs happen all the time around the world; not just in the USA. So stop whining & suck it up & get off your duff & start looking for a new job. It is sad that it happened, but it is to be expected when a section or division has less work & therefore needs less people.

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