By Sahid Fawaz

A raise should always be a good thing, right? What about when it is not even a nickel? Workers in Alaska will wake up to that reality tomorrow.

KTUU reports:

"The minimum wage in Alaska is set to increase effective the first day of 2018. The amount by which it will increase, however, isn't a large jump but rather a small incremental rise, designed only to offset the cost of inflation.

According to the Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development, on Jan. 1 next year, the state minimum wage will go from $9.80 to $9.84, a raise of just 4 cents.

In 2017, the state minimum raised 5 cents, from $9.75 to $9.80.

In 2015 and 2016, however, the wage raised 1 dollar per year, due to a ballot initiative passed by voters. Whether further increases such as this are made, depends on lawmakers and, eventually, the voting public.

The research chief with the department came to the 4 cent figure by using the Consumer Price Index for urban consumers in the Anchorage area."



0 #2 Deirdre LaRock 2017-12-31 19:01
I'd love to see Congress unable to raise their own wages unless they raise the federal minimum wage. The federal minimum wage hasn't been raised since 2009. (Tipped, since the 1970s.) But, every time Congressional pay gets discussed, they get a raise.
+2 #1 Robert W Ingersoll 2017-12-31 17:55
Would like to see all minimum wages raised the same as congress and the senate gets !!!

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