By Sahid Fawaz

How bad is the federal minimum wage? Bad. Really bad. 

Just take a look at the map below to see how inadequate the current minimum wage of $7.25 is for workers. 

For a large version of the map, click here.

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0 #85 kjl 2017-11-22 09:39
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0 #83 Raymond Frenkel 2017-07-14 09:29
Simple economics: when there is an abundance of something the price is low. There is now almost 7 billion people in the world. World wide labor is dirt cheep. We need financial borders if we want to maintain the American way of life.
0 #82 Raymond Frenkel 2017-07-14 09:29
If we do not have financial borders that act like a lock in a canal to equalize the difference in cost of living between the US and the world's poorer nations, labor will have to work for less than $5 per hour to be competitive. Don't believe the lie that the old jobs are gone for good. Millions of cheep workers in depressed societies are doing those jobs in Mexico, China, Bangladesh, Belize, etc. Where are our garment workers? How can they compete with Bangladeshis who sew for $0.45 a day! Our washers, dryers, refrigerators and stoves are being made in Mexico at $4.50 per hour. Auto parts are mace in China and the same story goes on and on.
Government's job is to set the rules to promote Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Americans need good paying jobs to achieve those goals. Good financial borders protect the American way of life and naturally reduce income disparity. We need to give our neighbors good jobs at fair wages and stop exploiting the worlds poor.
0 #81 john carter 2017-05-19 05:35
Yes, great US Military force. Also, in his post you have given a chance to listen about US Military. I really appreciate your work. Thanks for sharing it.
0 #80 john carter 2017-05-19 05:35
+1 #79 M.R. Callahan 2016-05-26 06:20
The stats are a little misleading. Living in FL I have found several bargains in searching for rental and for sale properties that are less expensive than those in cities in TN and GA. I've lived on minimum wage and actually bought a house (yrs ago), but it was because we educated ourselves to the market and asked a lot of questions, etc. YOU CAN LIVE on minimum wages, but no one with ambition will stay there! MW is a place to START and shouldn't be looked at as a career choice!
+2 #78 Heidi 2016-05-20 04:47
Why do people think minimum wage was ever intended to mean "living" wage?
+1 #77 Cloudchaser 2016-05-19 18:53
I wonder if that includes rent plus other living expenses plus a bit extra (at least $100 a month) for savings or just rent alone
0 #76 Rick 2016-05-19 01:39
Minimum wage was something used to get us out of the depression back in the 30's. Why would someone working a minimum wage or non-skilled worker job need a 2 bedroom apartment? Minimum wage and non-skilled jobs are nor meant for you to support a family especially as your sole source of income. People need to stop feeling sorry for themselves and expecting everyone to do the hard work for them. Learn a trade or even try and climb the company ladder, put some effort forth and you shall be rewarded. Stop complaining, life isn't fair but you can always try and do something about it instead of expecting other people to do it for you. Go ahead and bump minimum wage up to 15 bucks an hour and then watch how fast a computer will replace you, because it's more cost effective and can actually take my order right.

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