By Kelly Ross

Bratwurst and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly. You just don’t have one without the other. Nevertheless, this easy one-pot meal takes the Beer and Brat duo we love so much to a whole other level. With Labor 411’s list of 230 union-made beers you should have no problem trying out this beer infused recipe. Check out this video to see how it’s done. As always, all of our recipes are designed to be prepared with union-made ingredients and support good jobs.

Ingredients (purchase from your local unionized grocery store):

2 12oz Beers (Shock Top, Budweiser, Miller, or any one of our many beers)
5 Bratwurst (Koegel Meats)
1 Cup Cream Cheese (Horizon)
2 Cups Shredded Cheese (Tillamook, Kraft Foods, Alta Dena)
1 package of hot dog buns (Sara Lee, Oroweat)


1. Add beer and brats to sauce pan and place pan on grill.
2. Cook on medium high heat for 10-15 minutes
2. Place brats on grill and cook another 10-15 min or until golden brown.
3. Leave one cup of beer in the pot, and dump the rest
4. Add cream cheese and cheddar to the pot and stir until well mixed.
5. Place brats on buns and pour beer cheese mixture on top


Beer Cheese Beer Brats

Posted by Tasty on Friday, September 4, 2015

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