By Sahid Fawaz

Last month, Hillary Clinton led Bernie Sanders in Iowa 54% to 36% in Iowa. This month that lead has vanished, with Bernie taking over.

According to CNN, Bernie "has opened up an eight-point lead over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, leading her in Iowa 51% to 43% among likely Democratic presidential caucus-goers.

Sanders' lead is in part built on his economic policies. Democratic caucus-goers said they trust the Vermont senator over Clinton on the economy by 22 points, and 67% said they thought he would do more to help the middle class, as opposed to 30% who felt that way about Clinton."

Bernie's lead in Iowa makes him the frontrunner in the two early primaries, as he is polling 60% to Hillary's 33% in New Hampshire.

Those who were quick to dismiss Bernie's campaign early on are now realizing that he not only has a chance but is in the driver seat in the early primaries.

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0 #1 Tony 2016-01-23 05:55
The problem with that poll is that 3 other polls that just came out show Hillary with a commanding lead in Iowa . That poll is clearly an outlier

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