Fight Inequality by Shopping Wisely

Labor 411 founder and publisher Cherri Senders writes on the idea of putting our money where our morals are during the holiday shopping season. In her piece for the Sacramento Bee, she stresses the need for a consumer movement that will support the companies that support their workers, and that it doesn't take much to make a change...

How many times have we struggled to reconcile our feelings about the “season of giving” with the gross economic inequality we see all around us? Or suffered a twinge of guilt after hearing the latest news report about families living on the edge while we go to the mall for a shopping spree?

Five of Our Favorite DC Area Restaurants That Pay Fair Wages to Workers

If you live in the Washington, DC area, then you know just how terrific the dining scene is here! With so many excellent choices, it can be hard to narrow it down. Well, if you like supporting employers who treat workers fairly, then these five below are definitely worth checking out! For the entire list of restaurants, visit our DC dining directory here.

San Francisco Spotlight: Mollie Stone’s Market

By Shelly Lurie

Mollie Stone’s is an institution in the Bay Area for foodies. With nine locations that boast some of the best, freshest local produce along with a host of natural products, this small chain of family-owned markets is the go-to place for healthy gourmands. But they also have every-day groceries so it’s a one-stop shop for everything from fresh fruit to deli meat to milk.

Union Chef: Hot Buttered Rum

By Shelly Lurie

With a cold winter approaching, it’s time to break out those hot beverages and grab a seat in front of the fireplace. If you’re looking for a drink with a kick, try our recipe for hot buttered rum. It’s a simple recipe for a classic holiday drink that will warm your soul during this cold winter.

Union Chef: Slow Cooker Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes

By Shelly Lurie

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! With all that cooking, there’s never enough oven space for all of your favorite dishes, and the stove always seems to be occupied. To help make your cooking a bit easier, we’re sharing a simple and delicious recipe for mashed potatoes that you can make in a slow cooker – no oven (or effort, really) required!

San Francisco Spotlight: Ghirardelli Square

By Shelly Lurie

If you plan on visiting the City by the Bay, Ghirardelli Square needs to be on your list of places to visit.

Today, Ghirardelli Square is known for housing an array of upscale shops, fine dining, wine bars, spa facilities and, of course, the infamous Ghirardelli Original Chocolate Manufactory & Ghirardelli Chocolate Marketplace. Located on the beautiful San Francisco Bay just west of Fisherman’s Wharf, it’s already an ideal spot to check out. But, the history of Ghirardelli Square and the ice cream sundaes are why we’re recommending you pay this place a visit. Be forewarned: This destination is heaven for those with a sweet tooth.

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