Watch The Music Video From Michael Jackson And Justin Timberlake Featuring Newly Unionized Dancers


by Sahid Fawaz

Things got a lot better for backup dancers recently. As the AFL-CIO website notes, the Dancers' Alliance scored a big victory when "Michael Jackson's new music video with Timberlake, 'Love Never Felt so Good,' feature[d] dancers covered by a union contract. The video was produced under a union contract covering all dancers thanks to a recent successful organizing drive in the music video industry by SAG-AFTRA dancers."

A big congratulations to all of them from Labor 411! And make sure to check out the music video below to see them at their dazzling best.

Ten Timeless Quotes by the Greatest Champion of the Working Class

fdr pic

By Michael Messina

Franklin Delano Roosevelt served as the 32nd President of the United States and died as one of the most beloved and successful leaders of our country. He passed away shortly after starting an unprecedented fourth term in office, but not before he made a number of historic speeches, many of which included these great quotes on labor. His contribution to the advancement of organized labor and working women and men in general in the U.S. stands apart. Here are 10 great FDR quotes to live by:

1. “It is to the real advantage of every producer, every manufacturer and every merchant to cooperate in the improvement of working conditions, because the best customer of American industry is the well-paid worker.”