Protesting Teachers Show the Terrifying Conditions of Oklahoma's Schools

By Sahid Fawaz

Why are Oklahoma teachers walking out?

Aside from awful pay, the lack of funding for schools has reached a critical level.

The video below by Oklahoma teachers shows just how bad things have become. Maybe legislators should watch this video the next time they want to give tax cuts to the wealthy or fund a multi-billion dollar warplane (singular).

Still Piping Up over Peeps Problems…The Sequel

By Evan Henerson

Seems like every time we read a new story about the troubles at the Just Born Quality Confections., it makes us want to go off marshmallow Peeps and their sugary Just Born brethren (Mike & Ike, Hot Tamales) forever.

We know, we know…how very un-Easter-ly of us to dis a company with good union workers.

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