Death of Unions Greatly Exaggerated

By Paula Parisi

The Supreme Court is expected this month to issue its opinion in Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, a closely watched case viewed as a bellwether for the future of unions. At issue is whether unions have the right to mandate collection of agency fees from non-members. According to the current law of the land, they can, because even non-members benefit from collective bargaining.

Bargaining Chips – Unrest at Topeka Frito-Lay Plant

By Evan Henerson

Before you start chowing down on that next bag of Lays or Doritos (or Baked Lays if you go for the lower calorie junk food option), throw a thought to the workers in Topeka, KS who are getting steamed over what the consider to be unfair treatment.

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