• Companies who Care: Brewers Can Water for Emergency Relief

    By Evan Henerson

    At Labor 411, we always love hearing about companies that are already good employers going above and beyond.

  • Beer and Snacks for Ethical Consumer Week

    We’ve got more than 250 union-made beers to make your Ethical Consumer Week that much sweeter – or bitter, as the case may be. And you gotta have snacks to go with those suds, so we’ve got a list of tasty muchables, too. By supporting brewers who treat their employees fairly, you’re helping us all drink our way to a stronger America!

  • Shamrock Your Way to a Stronger America!

    We love the luck of the Irish, but on St. Patrick’s Day, Labor 411’s selection of more than 250 beers produced by union companies is more valuable than a truckload of four leaf clovers. Check out our list of brews and accompanying St. Pat’s Day meal choices below. Flaunt your green while you buy responsibly this holiday. Through our smart consumer choices, we’ll help build a stronger America.

  • Cheers to 2017!

    It’s time to drink your way to a stronger America. If you are so inclined to tip a few back as we transition into 2017, Labor 411 has put together an extensive list of choices for cocktails, champagne and more. Drink up and know you are supporting good jobs. And as always, drink responsibly and drink union.

  • Support Good Jobs: Buy Union, Buy American for the Fourth

    Summer is here, the sun is out and the celebration of our country’s independence is almost here! The Fourth of July is an explosion of festivities and gatherings, and we at Labor 411 want you to be well stocked. From flags to ice cream to beer, we’ve got the goods to make your party the best, all while supporting good jobs!

  • Bourbon, Brews and BBQ

    It seems fitting that National Bourbon Day (June 14) falls just before Father’s Day. Labor 411 has a great list of bourbons that he would surely appreciate. Throw something on the grill and maybe put a few brewskis on ice, and that’s how Father’s Day is done.

  • Cheers to National Beer Day

    By Michael Messina

    “I think this would be a good time for a beer.” The words of President Franklin D. Roosevelt are as appropriate today as they were in 1933. April 7 marks National Beer Day as celebration of the signing of the Cullen–Harrison Act, the law that allowed the sale of beer after a 13-year hiatus due to Prohibition.

  • How Union is Super Bowl 50?

    By Ross Lenihan

    Grab the pigskin and fire up the grill, because after five months and 266 games Super Bowl 50 is upon us! By far the most televised TV sports event in America, the Super Bowl is also a heavily union affair.

  • Four Seasonal Union-Made Beers That Are Perfect for the Holidays

    By Sahid Fawaz

    We at Labor 411 love a good beer, especially if it's union-made.