Cherri Senders

  • Dispatches From the Year of the Worker

    They're calling 2016 the Year of the Worker, and here at Labor 411, we think they may be on to something.

  • NPR Promotes a 411 for Good Employers in Philly (LISTEN)

    By Ross Lenihan

    Philadelphia’s NPR affiliate recently hosted Labor 411 founder Cherri Senders and Patrick Eiding, the President of the Philadelphia Council of the AFL-CIO, to discuss a new pro-labor business guide. Labor 411 Philadelphia is available online here and a print version will be presented to thousands of attendees at the Democratic National Convention in late July.

  • Consumers Should Choose Companies that Pay Workers Well

    Labor 411 Founder and Publisher Cherri Senders writes for theLA Daily News on the company's latest campaign: BuyBlue. It is a week of concentrated ethical consumer spending for the betterment of middle-class America. Read more below...

    By Cherri Senders

    If you are like most Americans, you are worried about the historically high levels of economic inequality in this country. A recent New York Times poll found that two-thirds of respondents believe that the gap between rich and poor needs to be addressed now, and that income and wealth should be distributed more evenly. In a separate survey, nearly half of those polled by market firm GfK expect companies to provide good, living-wage jobs.

  • Can Millennials Save Organized Labor?

    By Ross Lenihan

    A new Pew survey reveals how Millennials, the oft-hyped demographic, view key social institutions. It turns out that Millennials have a more positive view of many major social institutions than their elders and that one of the most notable examples is organized labor.