civil rights

  • By Michael Messina

    Creating a level playing field for all workers – across race, creed, gender, you name it – is one of the basic ideologies of the world of organized labor. Labor 411 applauds any and all organizations and actions that create progress toward equality in this facet of our lives.

  • By Michael Messina

    The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia will be displaying the historic contract Jackie Robinson signed to become a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers, through this weekend only. If you live in the area or are visiting, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to look back on a big moment in the civil rights movement. This special display is on loan and will be out for viewing only through June 5.

  • On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Labor 411 Founder and Publisher Cherri Senders talks about the continued troubling correlation between African Americans and income inequality in her piece for AlterNet.

    By Cherri Senders

    As the nation prepares to honor King this year, the confluence between race and inequality remains a defining factor of the American socio-economic landscape.