Donald Trump

  • Car Wars: Trump is Cruze-ing for a Bruising with GM

    By Evan Henerson

    Who doesn’t love a little car drama, particularly when the dust-up involves our President-Elect Donald Trump?

  • Who’s Fleeing Hoosierville? Rexnord is Taking its Ball (Bearings) and Going to Mexico

    By Evan Henerson

    The president-elect may not like it, but another U.S. manufacturer is slashing jobs and heading south of the border.

  • Labor Secretary Andrew Puzder Gets no Happy Star from Labor Leaders

    By Evan Henerson

    And the hits just keep on coming…

    We learn that President-Elect Donald Trump’s nomination to the critical position of Secretary of Labor is a millionaire CEO of a fast food magnate who is on record as opposing any increases to minimum wage.

  • How will President Trump Compensate?

    By Evan Henerson

    It’s been a week, and as the news trickles out, we're sorting out how the Trump presidency will affect workers, wages, the economy and labor in general.

  • Big Portion of Union Households Shifted to Trump

    By Michael Messina

    Let’s be clear, more union households voted for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump. The Democratic side still holds the upper hand there, but exit polls showed a swing this year that clearly helped Trump win the presidency.

  • Laboring to Find Trump's Secretary of Labor

    By Evan Henerson

    President-elect Trump has not yet reached out for advice (he must have misplaced our number), but with a few weeks before he has to have his cabinet in place, we thought we'd help out and suggest some candidates for the position of Secretary of Labor.

  • National Labor Relations Board to Trump - Get to the Table!

    By Evan Henerson

    If Donald Trump ever thought he would receive any kind of voter love from organized labor, the most recent decision by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) may well have driven a nail into his already sealed-up coffin.

  • What's in a (Trumped-up) Name?

    By Evan Henerson

    The foibles of Donald Trump this election season are making a loser not just out of his presidential campaign, but potentially of his $3 billion name. More than a few news outlets have reported boycotts of Trumped-up products, from hotels to golf courses.

  • Economists (Yes, Even Right-Leaning Ones) Say Clinton’s Immigration Plan Is Better

    By Michael Messina

    We are now less than a week away from the election. While convincing undecided Facebook friends (if they dare to come out of the shadows) seems like a tall order at this point, the L.A. Times recently published an article on the immigration plans of the two candidates that might be of some use. Labor 411 is inherently concerned with jobs and the economy of the U.S., and it appears almost all the experts agree that Hillary Clinton’s immigration policy comes out as the clear winner for the future of the U.S.

  • The GOP’s “Nightmare Scenario” of Donald Trump’s Implosion

    By Kelly Ross

    The election is almost here and – whether in debates or polls - American voters have been left with a clear winner, and it isn’t Donald Trump. The question now becomes will Trump drag down his party as he goes down in defeat.