Donald Trump

  • He Might Not Accept the Election Results? Cue the "Psycho" Violins!

    By Evan Henerson

    Yes, we realize that with Halloween just ahead, that this is the season of ghosts, goblins, ghouls and Donald J. Trump. At Labor 411, we can appreciate a good scare as much as the next fright-seeker.

    But we keep hearing about something that isn't just scary, it's utterly terrifying.

  • Wrong. Jobs Report Last Month was Not “Anemic”

    By Michael Messina

    Donald Trump’s last-ditch effort to gain in the polls for the presidency was riddled with his usual word vomit during the debate on Wednesday night, but in the world of labor his comment about the jobs report jumped out as particularly, well, wrong.

  • Why Vegas Debate-Goers (and Trump’s Hotel Guests) will not go Hungry

    By Evan Henerson

    If Donald Trump thinks he has even an icicle’s chance in Miami of getting any significant share of the Latino vote, this week’s news developments may suggest otherwise. Safe to say this has not been a good week for positive, multi-cultural embracing messages on the Trump front.

  • Video: Obama Slams Trump on Claim He is for Working People

    By Michael Messina

    Let it be known: Donald Trump is not for the presidential candidate who will support working people in this country.

  • Trump v. Buffett: “Smart” v. Ethical

    By Michael Messina

    Donald Trump’s wealth comes up a lot. Usually he’s the one bringing it up, boasting of his business and financial accomplishments. Then there’s the whole tax thing. Trump has all but admitted to paying little or no taxes on his billions, a move he said in the first presidential debate that “makes [him] smart.” Then, in the second debate, he suggested that Berkshire Hathaway billionaire Warren Buffett was a tax dodger as well. That caused Buffett to jump into the fray to essentially set a standard for what some might call a moral obligation to pay one’s fair share.

  • Getting Down to Basics: Who’s Going to Help?

    By Evan Henerson

    The rhetoric was appalling. The accusations, from the mudpile. As gross as we thought things could get based on the leaked “Access Hollywood” tape, the spectacle of Trump vs. Clinton, round 2 was even worse. What does it say about the discourse when a high school politics teacher apologizes to his students for making them watch a presidential debate?

  • Teachers Union Wants to Give Trump a Bloody Nose

    By Kelly Ross

    This week the nation’s largest labor union, the National Education Association, kicked off its final election push with a campaign linking Donald Trump to an increase in bullying at schools. The NEA has received a growing number of reports from its membership of Trump-like bullying in classrooms nationwide, and the union plans to make the issue the focus of its ad campaigns against Trump in battleground states. The campaign push against Trump aligns almost perfectly with NEA’s annual efforts for National Bullying Prevention Month in October.

  • Where Labor is Concerned, Trump Crosses the Line


    By Evan Henerson

    Even without the bodyguards or entourage, there is no mistaking Donald Trump crossing the picket line of "The Apprentice" in this much circulated photo from a 2004 IATSE protest. Members of the Guild were asking for fair wages and better working conditions.

  • Four Outrageous Trump Moments from the 2016 Presidential Debate (Including the One Everybody Missed)

    By Kelly Ross

    When Trump Talked About His Temperament

    After interrupting Clinton almost 51 times during the debate compared to her 17 times, Trump brought up the issue of his temperament.

  • 4 Books for Trump’s Library

    By Robert Fulton

    During Monday night’s presidential debate, Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of not having a plan when it comes to economic growth. Clinton shot back that she had indeed laid out a plan in her book “Stronger Together,” and that Trump could pick up a copy at a bookstore or at the airport.