Donald Trump

  • 4 Books for Trump’s Library

    By Robert Fulton

    During Monday night’s presidential debate, Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of not having a plan when it comes to economic growth. Clinton shot back that she had indeed laid out a plan in her book “Stronger Together,” and that Trump could pick up a copy at a bookstore or at the airport.

  • Question Number One: Income Inequality

    By Michael Messina

    Last night, just before the debate began, the moderator, NBC’s Lester Holt, announced that he would be covering topics that were considered to be of most importance to voters.

  • Heart of Stone: Three Ice-Cold Trump Debate Quotes

    By Michael Messina

    We all know Donald Trump is proud of his business, but certain comments in last night’s first presidential debate had us wondering if this guy has any human connection when it comes to the economy of the United States.

  • Extra, Extra! Nose Growth on the Campaign Trail!

    By Evan Henerson

    It was almost like a chain of dominoes, with one news source more reputable than the next, lining up over the weekend to brand GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump a liar.

  • Trump Portraits, Lawsuits Paid for with Charity Money

    By Michael Messina

    The unscrupulous nature of Donald Trump knows no bounds. An investigation by the Washington Post’s David A. Fahrenthold discovered that Trump paid for lawsuit settlements with his charity’s (the Donald J. Trump Foundation) money, totaling $258,000. To add a healthy dose of ego, the investigation showed Trump had purchased not one, but two portraits of himself with Trump Foundation funds.

  • Trump as the Union Candidate? Not so Fast!

    By Evan Henerson

    The AFL-CIO does not typically release its polling numbers on political candidates. But apparently Donald Trump’s boast that he’ll be vacuuming up the union vote in November has the nation’s largest union federation making an exception.

  • Protesting Palmer’s Pricey Pads: Prop JJJ Rally Targets Trump Supporter

    By Michael Messina

    “We want JJJ, not Trump’s L.A.!” came the chant from the more than 75 protestors who gathered in front of developer Geoff Palmer’s luxury Medici apartment complex. The affordable housing rally in downtown L.A. Tuesday highlighted the unaffordability of complexes like Palmer’s, the toll it is taking on residents put out by these exorbitant structures, and the need to vote Yes on Proposition JJJ this November.

  • Labor PACS Say They Hate, Hate HATE Right-to-Work Laws, and yet…

    By Evan Henerson

    Prepare to be aghast, or depressed, or maybe de-ghast.

    Apparently Labor PACS have contributed more than $534,000 this election cycle to Republican candidates who back anti-union legislation, particularly right-to-work legislation. In an exhaustively researched article, ThinkProgress’s Jason Israel and Evan Popp detail the ins and outs of right-to-work and its negative effects on unions; provide some choice data from the trenches of the right-to-work landscape; and name some of the most powerful backers of a National Right to Work Act (namely Rand Paul, Steve King and, of course, Donald Trump).

  • Trump’s Economy Speech Clears Up Absolutely Nothing

    By Michael Messina

    Donald Trump gave a speech on his plan for the U.S. economy on Monday, and beyond the fact that is was laced with the usual anti-Hillary rhetoric and lies, writers and analysts are fairly confused as to where he’s going with it all.

  • Four (Recent) Dumb Quotes from the Donald

    By Michael Messina

    The personality that is Donald Trump ranges from scary to inadvertently entertaining. His quote reel is already miles long, so we thought we’d put together a couple of recent doozies for you to keep in your back pocket in case someone tries to make a case for the Republican presidential candidate.