Donald Trump

  • The Word on “TheStreet”: Buy Blue

    By Evan Henerson

    While unions got plenty of love at the Democratic National Convention’s first ever Labor Caucus, reporter Emily Stewart of TheStreet visited with a couple of organizations that are encouraging people to buy union as well.

  • Union Voters: Trump Like Reagan? Well…

    By Michael Messina

    Donald Trump for the working man? He’s certainly trying to sell it that way, and more than a few people are eager to buy into his rhetoric. And now he’s banking on union members to help sway the vote in his favor, just like Ronald Reagan garnered those tallies in the ’80s.

  • Trump Spends $500,000 to Prevent Union at Trump Las Vegas

    By Ross Lenihan

    GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump loves reminding us just how well he gets along with unions. In fact, he thinks he’ll get more union votes than Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton come November. So why, then, would his firm spend half a million dollars to defeat a union drive at his beloved Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas?

  • Primaries: In Six Weeks 490,000 New Democrats Registered in CA

    By Michael Messina

    California’s primary election currently is underway, and in the days leading up to the vote Republicans took a big hit in the race to add voters to books. California now has 17,915,053 registered voters and the Democrats now hold a 17.5 percent lead over the Republican Party.

  • Trump U Script: Inflate Your Income by $75,000

    By Michael Messina

    A recent report by ABC has revealed some shocking numbers regarding the travesty that was Trump University. The fraudulent nature of the “university” has now been well documented, and this latest bit of evidence seems like it’s right out of Donald Trump’s personal handbook.

  • Trump Picks White Nationalist Leader to be CA Delegate

    By Ross Lenihan

    On Monday, California’s Secretary of State published the delegates chosen by the Trump camp for the state’s GOP primary. The list happens to include William Johnson, a prominent white nationalist and the leader of the American Freedom Party (AFP, which the Southern Poverty Law Center calls, “arguably the most important white nationalist group in the country.”

  • Pres. Candidates’ Tax Records Leaked - 10 Revelations We’ve Learned

    Pressure has mounted for the remaining presidential candidates to release more in-depth tax returns. Now, documents have leaked that appear to show complete, 10-year records of each candidate’s filings. Garlic staff has summarized some of the key revelations for you:

  • Which GOP Tax Plan is Most Insane?

    By Ross Lenihan

    It’s no one’s favorite time of year…that’s right, tax season. This year it’s not all pain and loss, however. Thanks to the GOP and its leading presidential candidates there are laughs to be had. So go ahead, review Donald Trump and Ted Cruz’s respective tax plansand let us know which plan you think is the most insane.

  • GOP Leaders Summon Jason Voorhees in Last-Ditch Effort to Stop Trump

    Following Mr. Trump’s primary victories in Michigan and Mississippi, Republican leadership met at the conservative World Forum to summon Jason Voorhees, the undead and unstoppable killing machine, in a last-ditch effort to prevent a Trump nomination for president.

  • Trump Declines to Disavow “Who’s Who” of American Hate Groups

    In a move that shocked approximately two Americans, Donald Trump held an impromptu press conference on Super Tuesday to reassure the nation’s bigoted community that he would in no way disavow their support. Referring to the assembled hate leaders as “perfectly wonderful, hate-filled people who love to win,” Trump reassured the nation’s angriest citizens that their support meant the world to him.