• By Michael Messina

    Let’s be clear, more union households voted for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump. The Democratic side still holds the upper hand there, but exit polls showed a swing this year that clearly helped Trump win the presidency.

  • By Kelly Ross

    On November 8, California voters approved Proposition 64, the controversial state initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use. The measure will impose a 15% sales tax on the substance and allow individuals who are ages 21 and older to use, possess, grow, and transport small amounts of marijuana for non-medical use.

  • By Michael Messina

    We are now less than a week away from the election. While convincing undecided Facebook friends (if they dare to come out of the shadows) seems like a tall order at this point, the L.A. Times recently published an article on the immigration plans of the two candidates that might be of some use. Labor 411 is inherently concerned with jobs and the economy of the U.S., and it appears almost all the experts agree that Hillary Clinton’s immigration policy comes out as the clear winner for the future of the U.S.

  • By Michael Messina

    California’s primary election currently is underway, and in the days leading up to the vote Republicans took a big hit in the race to add voters to books. California now has 17,915,053 registered voters and the Democrats now hold a 17.5 percent lead over the Republican Party.

  • By Ross Lenihan

    Prophets of Rage – made up of band members from Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill – performed for the first time in Hollywood last night. The group formed to “confront this mountain of election year b***s***, and confront it head-on with Marshall stacks blazing.” Below, Labor 411’s music team breaks down some of the revolutionary working-class tunes the group has at its disposal as the November election creeps closer.

  • *Organized Garlicis a satirical blog and a product of Labor 411.org. Our mission is to bring humor and levity to labor and employment issues. All articles are fictitious and while sometimes believable, they should in no way be considered true. Have fun.

    With several Republicans suspending their presidential campaigns there’s no shortage of available public officials who think they’re American heroes. This is prime fodder for Hollywood, and the former GOP contenders have seized on the opportunity.

  • By Ross Lenihan

    Here at Labor 411 we try and have a sense of humor about politics. That’s why we constantly toy around with new blog and meme ideas. For our newest blog series we feature none other than “The Donald,” that jovial GOP presidential nominee that provides so many laughs (and cringes; for example, see his union-busting efforts at his own hotel in Las Vegas).

  • By Sahid Fawaz

    The 700,000 strong Communications Workers of America (CWA) has officially endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.


    By Sahid Fawaz

    The GOP presidential debates are nothing if not entertaining (in a frightening sort of way). And Twitter lit up yesterday with reactions and cringes to the candidates answers. Here are some of the best ones:

  • By Sandy Southivilay

    Following the lead of cities like Seattle and Los Angeles, New York’s state wage board recently agreed to gradually increase the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $15 per hour. The movement for a higher minimum wage certainly resonates with many Americans. According to a recent survey from Victoria Research, for example, 75% of Americans both support a $15 minimum wage and support labor unions.