Ethical Consumer Week

  • Get Grillin' for Ethical Consumer Week

    The sun is shining bright and with summer coming up quick the grill needs to be put to work. We’ve also got plenty of BuyBlue-approved games, drinks and snacks to make your party a smash hit during #ECW.

  • Get the Best for Your Basket During Ethical Consumer Week

    Ethical Consumer Week is this week and the Easter Bunny will soon be making his rounds and filling up baskets with a vibrant assortment of goodies. You can make sure his stock is BuyBlue approved! Our list of Easter supplies below will help you make this Easter a festive and colorful day, all while helping to support good jobs.

  • Trepidation over Automation - Avoid Those Self-Checkout Machines

    By Evan Henerson

    There are thousands of easy ways a person can do the right thing and be a good, jobs-saving consumer during Ethical Consumer Week (#ECW). Not all of them involve purchasing ethical products. 

  • Spend Wisely and Chow Down During Ethical Consumer Week

    By Evan Henerson

    What’s the greatest part about consumers choosing to spend their dollars wisely to support good jobs and bolster the middle class?

  • How to Camp During Ethical Consumer Week

    Welcome to the great outdoors! It’s camping season and Labor 411 has put together another great camping list with products that help support a strong middle class during Ethical Consumer Week. Make a melty s’more or just kick back in the sun and know your trip’s got the BuyBlue stamp of approval.

  • Beer and Snacks for Ethical Consumer Week

    We’ve got more than 250 union-made beers to make your Ethical Consumer Week that much sweeter – or bitter, as the case may be. And you gotta have snacks to go with those suds, so we’ve got a list of tasty muchables, too. By supporting brewers who treat their employees fairly, you’re helping us all drink our way to a stronger America!

  • Call to Consumers

    The Labor 411 Foundation invites consumers to change their spending habits by 10% during Ethical Consumer Week, April 10-14.

  • 10 Easy Ways to Be an Ethical Consumer

    By Kelly Ross

    Ethical Consumer Week is April 10-14. Here’s how you can participate!

  • Kellogg’s Chooses People Over Profits

    By Kelly Ross

    Ethical Consumer Week is just around the corner (April 10-14, #ECW). During that time, Labor 411 is asking people to shop ethically by patronizing companies that treat their employees well. With a long history of putting people over profits, Kellogg Company serves as a prime example.

  • Ethical Consumer Day is Official

    By Kelly Ross

    On Tuesday, April 5 the Los Angeles City Council proclaimed April 11 as Ethical Consumer Day. In the chambers of City Hall, City Councilmember Bob Blumenfield honored Labor 411 and emphasized the importance of ethical consumerism.