Labor Day

  • How to Spend Labor Day in DC

    By Evan Henerson

    Washington DC, as any visitor knows, is a vibrant and exciting place to investigate no matter what the occasion.  Spending a union-friendly weekend over the Labor Day holiday isn’t challenging since so many of the coolest activities are staffed by union workers – AKA the folks who deserve a tip of our cap on this holiday.

  • The Meat Eater’s Guide to Football Season

    Two weekends from now it will all be back. All the glory and all the heartache of football season will kick off and Labor 411 knows that grill will be working overtime. Vegetarians look away. We’ve got all the meat you could ever want, and it all supports companies that treat their workers well.

  • Labor Day in the Bay

    By Kelly Ross

    Labor Day weekend is here so let the celebrations begin! If you’re in the Bay Area this Labor Day, there will be plenty of amazing labor-friendly events to take part in. To make your Labor Day planning even easier, Labor 411 has and put together a list of labor-friendly events.

  • Labor Day in the City of Brotherly Love

    By Evan Henerson

    Music, the fighting Phills, and a blowout of a parade…it’s all on the menu for Labor Day in the great city of Philadelphia.

    The City of Brotherly Love shows its colors when it comes to organized labor. Representatives from more than 70 unions will participate in the 29th Annual Tri-State Labor Day Parade & Family Celebration which draws droves of revelers from Philly, New Jersey and Delaware. With this parade coming on the heels of a critical election in November, the parade will likely include appearances from local and national dignitaries.

  • Stand Together This Labor Day, and Every Day

    By Michael Messina

    This Labor Day, the California Federation of Labor has a clear message about how the American worker can build a better life: Working people stand together.

  • Labor Day in L.A.: Snoop Dogg, the Dodgers, Parades and More

    By Michael Messina

    Labor Day is buzzing in Los Angeles. Whether you’re visiting or a local, there are plenty of awesome, labor-friendly events throughout the city. We’ve found five of our favorites where you can feel the beat with Snoop Dogg or grab a Dodger Dog with the boys in blue.

  • Make the FairHotel Choice for Labor Day

    By Evan Henerson

    Admit it…the road still beckons. You still need one more vacation - or maybe an in-town “leave the dishes in the sink” stayaction - before the summer unofficially ends Labor Day, and the fall craziness kicks in.

  • Your Party List for Labor Day

    The kids are back in school, which means the unofficial end of summer is coming. But the sun is still shining bright and with Labor Day right around the corner the grill needs to be put to work at least once more. We’ve also got plenty of union-made games, drinks and snacks to make your party a smash hit.