Martin Luther King Jr.

  • By Evan Henerson

    As easy as it is to praise Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s imprint on the Civil Rights Movement, on his birthday, we should also remember Dr. King’s deep roots in the world of labor and socialism.

  • By Michael Messina

    Eighty-seven years ago a man was born in Atlanta who would eventually become one of the greatest civil rights leaders this country has even seen. Martin Luther King Jr. is a cultural icon whose actions included championing the ambitions of the Labor Movement as well. In fact, at the time of his assassination he was in Memphis supporting AFSCME sanitation workers.

  • On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Labor 411 Founder and Publisher Cherri Senders talks about the continued troubling correlation between African Americans and income inequality in her piece for AlterNet.

    By Cherri Senders

    As the nation prepares to honor King this year, the confluence between race and inequality remains a defining factor of the American socio-economic landscape.