• By Evan Henerson

    The wait is over. Ethical Consumer Week has arrived!

    During ECW, we celebrate the good guys, the employers who treat their workers fairly, pay them good wages and benefits and give them a voice on the job. For 10 years, Labor 411 has been helping savvy consumers locate these ethical businesses through our online database and our printed directories to the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia with our inaugural New York edition due out later this year.

  • By Patrick Eiding, President Philadelphia Council of Labor, AFL-CIO, and Cherri Senders, President Labor 411

    As we approach the end of the year and take full advantage of the joyous holiday season, we can look back over the achievements of organized labor in our great city.

  • By Kelly Ross

    Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s clear that love is in the air! If you haven’t quite ironed out your plans for the big day, we’ve got plenty of union-friendly ideas for you to spice up the Valentine’s Day weekend or the day itself. With these suggestions across the country, you can romance your way to a stronger America!

  • By Patrick Eiding and Cherri Senders

    As easy as it is to get caught up in gift giving and capitalism, the holiday season is also a time to look back at the achievements of organized labor in the continuing fight for workers’ rights. In 2016, Philadelphia witnessed massive gains for workers when the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and the union representing nearly 5,000 workers finalized a new contract providing members wage increases and pension improvements. RNs at four area hospitals voted this year to join the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals – nurses at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children and at Hahnemann University Hospital recently ratified their first union  contracts, and RNs at Temple University Hospital ratified a strong, new contract, as well.

  • By Evan Henerson

    Earlier this week, more than 4,700 members of Transportation Workers Union Local 234 walked off the job at the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), bringing Philadelphia's bustling system of subways, trolleys and buses to a halt.

  • By Evan Henerson

    Music, the fighting Phills, and a blowout of a parade…it’s all on the menu for Labor Day in the great city of Philadelphia.

    The City of Brotherly Love shows its colors when it comes to organized labor. Representatives from more than 70 unions will participate in the 29th Annual Tri-State Labor Day Parade & Family Celebration which draws droves of revelers from Philly, New Jersey and Delaware. With this parade coming on the heels of a critical election in November, the parade will likely include appearances from local and national dignitaries.

  • By Cherri Senders

    The team here at Labor 411 is very excited to announce we’re going to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in a few weeks to strut our union-made stuff. You’ll find us showing off the 10,000 union made ways consumers can make a difference with every dollar they spend. And best of all, thousands of DNC delegates will find our Philadelphia Union Entertainment Guide in their goodie bags.

  • By Kelly Ross

    Looking for something to do this 4th of July weekend in our nation’s birthplace? Labor 411 has put together a list of the must see 4th of July experiences in Philadelphia, and they are all union! Attend one of the following events and ring in Independence Day in the best way possible, by supporting good jobs that pay workers fairly and promote a stronger American middle class!

  • By Ross Lenihan

    Now that the NBA Finals are over, it’s time to turn our basketball attention to the draft and free agency. The big questions are: Will LeBron leave Cleveland, and where will Kevin Durant end up? Here at Labor 411 we’ve decided to look at the free agent market for LeBron and Durant through a different lens: labor.

  • By Kelly Ross

    With primary election season just about over, next up is the Democratic National Convention this July in Philadelphia. But Hillary Clinton isn’t the only one going to the DNC; Labor 411 will be there too!