Every month Labor 411 features a new union-made prize and we encourage you to spread the word among your friends. By promoting the power of making ethical purchasing decisions, we can keep the conversation growing about how easy it is to help protect the backbone of this country every time you make the choice to spend your hard-earned money on union products or services.

2012 Labor 411 Winners

Holiday Raffle: Union Game Night

Grand Prize

“Thank you for picking me as the Union made Contest winner! I am proud to say they are Union Made! I am donating some of the wonderful gifts to a coworker who is having a difficult time right now so she can have something under the tree for her 3 Children! I’m passing my good fortune on!”   - Allison Dame Ryan

October: 2 All-Clad French Skillets

Grand Prize

“Buying union made products supports the United States of America. If we cut down on purchasing products that are outsourced it would mean more jobs for American workers.”   - Chris Wagner

September: Filson Duffle Bag

Grand Prize

“I definitely believe a union-made product is of a higher quality. Any time you have individuals who feel like they have control over their working life and are proud of what they do, what they do has become more than just a job, it’s a career, then you’re going to get a better product and you’re going to get the satisfaction of knowing what effect your consumer choices are having. I also think that it’s the simplest way we can show solidarity and support to each other right now; and that’s just to buy, proudly buy, union and let companies know that’s why we’re buying.”   -Taylor Harlesss

August: Weber Grill

Grand Prize

“Even though I was buying things that are union made, I didn’t realize that I was doing that, and so Labor 411 shows us how important it is to be aware of these things. When we buy things that are made by union members, we help to support families of the union members and the union themselves keep growing.”   -Nelson Contreras

July 2012: Union Omaha Steaks & CUTCO Knives

Grand Prize

“I like the way Labor 411 goes right to the heart of the matter: be union, buy union, keep the unions. Buying union products supports union jobs, households, benefits, retirements, everything!”   -Steven L Dawes

June 2012: $150 Wolverine gift card

Grand Prize

“This is amazing. Thank you for everything you guys do and I can't wait to go and get some new union made boots.”   -Jed Smith

May 2012: $150 Southwest gift card

Grand Prize

“Labor 411 is a welcome reminder; every day we get bombarded with advertisements for so many things and then I see the Labor 411 e-news and it’s like, ‘Yeah, this is what’s really important.’ I especially love the holiday specific Union-made product lists.”   - Susan Cabral-Ebert

April 2012: Basket of Union Sweets

Grand Prize

“I like Labor 411’s recommendations and themed lists of Union-made products because they really stick in your mind that way. Unions are being threatened now more than ever, so it’s important to support the companies and the workers that are making those products.”   -Madeline Bryant


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