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San Francisco is a union town, with a long history of fighting to protect working people. That means that there is no place in America where it’s easier to buy goods and services from companies that are committed to providing employees with fair wages, good working conditions and access to health care. From trendy restaurants like Public to old-school joints like Sam's Grill, elegant hotels like The Fairmont to comfortable stays like the Best Western Americania, and even cultural stops like the Museum of Modern Art, it's easy to support the middle class in The City. By choosing to spend union, you are helping to build a stronger economy and a stronger future for The City. That's a powerful purchase.

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Tim Paulson

Tim Paulson

Executive Director,
San Francisco Labor Council

Labor 411 makes it easy to make ethical consumer decisions. It’s a perfect fit for a progressive city like San Francisco. We are happy to welcome Labor 411 to the Bay Area so our residents can feel empowered as shoppers to know that the ordinary things they buy – food, tires, even beer – are made by Americans earning good wages and benefits. Together we are rebuilding America’s middle class.


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