February 2014

Guild Political Director Natalina Montero joins AFT 1521 members as they carry a banner in the MLK Parade on Jan. 20 in downtown LA. Labor has made a point of participating in and being major sponsors for the parade each year since anti-union retail giant Wal-Mart offered to sponsor it on their own in 2004.

Time to Get Busy in 2014

Without a doubt, 2014 has started with a bang. The Guild has entered negotiations on its next Collective Bargaining Agreement;  Gov. Jerry Brown released his 2014-2015 budget proposal, which includes some good news for community colleges thanks in part to Prop 30; and the City College of San Francisco accreditation fight continues.

As we head into a new semester, there’s more to be done. Our Committee On Political Education (COPE) needs more participation, and our popular intern program promises to be active. As the late Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Guild News

Contract Negotiations Ramping Up

Guild, management entering into talks for new CBA that begins July 1

Negotiations have started between representatives from the Guild and the Los Angeles Community College District on a new collective bargaining agreement to take effect July 1.


City College of San Francisco Accreditation Fight Continues

Judge Grants Injunction to Keep College Open

Thanks in part to efforts from the California Federation of Teachers (CFT), the new year has brought new life to City College of San Francisco (CCSF) in its ongoing fight to keep its accredited status and remain open.


Student Interns on the Front Lines of Guild Activism

You can’t put a number on it. There’s no chart or a spreadsheet to explain the success of the AFT 1521 Intern program and its effect on other students and on the interns themselves.


Brown’s Budget: More Good News for Community Colleges

Thanks to Prop 30 as well as an ever improving economic forecast, Gov. Jerry’s Brown proposed budget, for the second consecutive year, bodes well for community colleges statewide.


Celebrating Nelson Mandela: A Life Well Lived

As soon as I say that I'm an Africanist, inevitably, a question follows, “Why did you become an Africanist?” I explain that I chose my profession because of my admiration for Nelson Mandela and his leadership against apartheid to achieve democracy and the creation of a new nation for South Africa. In 1994, he was the first South African President elected by universal suffrage. 


Call for Participation

COPE can’t do it alone

The Committee on Political Education (COPE) educates Guild members on the importance of politics, which helps to strengthen our union. COPE also helps coordinate Local 1521’s political program. The committee plans fundraising drives, volunteer recruitment, informative communications about politics, training, endorsements, and other aspects of political programs pertaining to unions.


Scholarships: Tell Your Students!

The Guild is offering four $1,000 scholarships to current full-time undergraduate LACCD students who have taken at least 12 units with a grade of “B” or better in Social Science courses (History, Sociology, Political Science, Cultural Anthropology, Psychology) taken at an LACCD college and maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 in courses taken in the LACCD. Each scholarship requires students to submit an essay on different topics.

Students may apply for any or all of these by submitting a separate application for each. Only one scholarship will be awarded in 2014 per applicant.

Applications are available at each campus counseling office or by download at www.aft1521.org (under the link “Scholarships”).

For more information contact Reyna Gonzalez at (323) 851-1521 or email her at rgonzalez@aft1521.org

The deadline is Friday, April 18, 2014 at 4 pm.

 President's Message
Welcome Back!

As we head into the new semester, I’m pleased to say that throughout the District, things are looking up. Effective July 1, faculty received a well-deserved 3% salary increase. Our students can enroll in more sections (in more sessions) and there is more work for faculty.


 Adjunct Faculty News
Dealing with Student Issues and Classroom Challenges

The Adjunct Issues Committee (AIC) is holding a workshop on Saturday, Feb. 8th at Valley College entitled “Dealing with Student Issues and Classroom Challenges.” Some of the topics to be discussed are creating an effective syllabus and maintaining discipline.


 EDD Step by Step
January Paycheck & the EDD Question: “Did You Work or Earn Any Money?”

After part-time faculty apply for unemployment benefits, one of the most commonly asked questions is...



Homeless Heroes

Guild Chief Negotiator Armida Ornelas, President Joanne Waddell, Adjunct Issues Committee Co-Chair Phyllis Eckler, and Dolores Huerta Institute Director Shigueru Tsuha turned out on Nov. 23 to help fundraise for nearly 7,000 homeless vets as part of the annual Homeless Heroes Walk sponsored by United Way.

Update on CalSTRS Funding

By Sharon Hendricks, Retirement Liaison

Although the governor’s new state budget proposal did not include specific language addressing long sought-after rate hikes for CalSTRS, he did commit to begin meeting with key constituency groups over the next year to create a plan for long term solvency of the CalSTRS fund. The unfunded liability for CalSTRS is currently approximately $71 billion, and CalSTRS’ actuaries project that the fund will deplete all its assets in about 30 years.


Summary of EBoard Motions

November 19, 2013

Endorsed Tony Mendoza for Senate District 32