By Sahid Fawaz

A senior Arizona lawmaker has some advice for teachers who want a better life: stop expecting a better salary and start working a second job.

The Arizona Capitol Times reports:

"Teachers in Arizona are getting second jobs not because they’re struggling to survive on their low pay, but because they want to enjoy the finer things in life, like boats, according to House Majority Leader John Allen.

'They’re making it out as if anybody who has a second job is struggling. That’s not why many people take a second job,' Allen said. 'They want to increase their lifestyles. They want to improve themselves. They want to pay for a boat. They want a bigger house. They work hard to provide themselves with a better lifestyle. Not everyone who takes a second job does it because they’re borderline poverty.'

Allen, a Scottsdale Republican, made the remark as an explanation for the controversial comments he made during a vote Tuesday on a bill to allow more people without formal teacher training to teach at K-12 schools. The bill, SB1042, passed the House and is awaiting Gov. Doug Ducey’s signature.

During the vote, Allen said the fact that some teachers have to hold a second job to make ends meet doesn’t mean lawmakers don’t care about them. Instead, it shows teachers are enterprising Americans, like many lawmakers, he said.

'Most of us in this room have a second job. Good for them,' he said, adding he likes it when people use their 'God-given talents' and try to make themselves better.

'That’s America. The idea that we are somehow torturing somebody if they have a second job is just ridiculous. And (teachers) have a long summer. What a great opportunity for people like us and teachers to go out and get a second job. Let’s all get a second job this summer,' he said."

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0 #95 Reginald 2017-07-07 08:19
Go to work for the teachers union. They are able to retire in their 40's
+1 #94 Jim 2017-07-06 17:26
I know a lot of teachers in Arizona. They couldn't afford to live in Arizona if they didn't have a second and third job. How is it that politicians who make 150K- 200K are all millionaires? I have a BA an MA and a certification to be an administrator from Superintendent down. 9 years of college. I'll bet this Bozo doesn't have an associates.
+4 #93 Maria Hess 2017-06-20 10:40
This guy clearly has NO idea what teachers go through to get their jobs, keep them, and get really good at them. If untrained people are in the line to teach good luck I say! There's a lot to being great at the most important job second to parenting. We should let Denmark, Finland and other countries that highly regard their teachers. They pay them and respect them right up there with Doctors. Obviously this guy never had a teacher open his mind, or touch his heart.
+14 #92 Michelle 2017-06-19 20:43
I already have a second job; it starts the minute I walk into my " home office" a.k.a living room and start grading assignments, analyzing data, preparing technology-rich, engaging lessons, returning emails, and stay up to date on trends in educational best practices. Oh yeah........ And I have a family.
+3 #91 Deb 2017-06-19 20:25
:eek: Sooner or later every highly educated teacher is going to tell these politicians to F*off and turn to private teaching. Under Trump, public schools are going in the toilet. This is why many parents are turning to homeschool co-ops and other ways of getting their kids educated. Teachers are well educated and subject matter experts in child development. They are treated like crap, are certainly not paid enough for some of tthe crappy parents that they deal with, and frankly, I do not blame one of them that want to quit and find something else to do. Most teachers I know eventually go to the private sector to make a decent living and not have to deal with the political crap and parents. My hats off to anyone who wants to stay in this profession.
+4 #90 Brent Lile 2017-06-19 19:42
You are an ass hat. Unbelievable.
+7 #89 Sharon 2017-06-19 14:44
Mr Allen you are an uneducated little man. Hopefully the teachers who are teaching your children will be reading this and give them the education you never had.
+1 #88 Al Brown 2017-06-18 12:29
I had an individual ask me to teach him what I do, so he could get his certificates. I replied, you really don't want to take the time for the amount of prep, to take the tests learn the skills required to become a professional, first you don't have the time and you can't afford the paycut!
+9 #87 Jane 2017-06-18 10:44
Rep. Allan just reinforced GOP's desire to make education a for profit enterprise and that will ruin education. Teachers are leaving the field and currently there are not enough to fill the current openings and it will get much worse. Teachers' hands are tied on what to teach and how to teach it and this started the decline of education in the US. Teachers work an average 50-60 hours per week and during all breaks. The average wage is $10-$17 per hour Rep. Allen thinks that;s too much and insulted all teachers. Teaching is considered the important job and offers high wages in the country in all areas expect the US.. The USA does the complete opposite; that responsibility away from the teachers. That is the why the educational system in the USA is broken. Without children being taught by highly trained professionals country will falter. and it has already started.
+10 #86 Paula Ethridge 2017-06-18 08:45
He should work as a teacher for a while and see how hard it is. Then he would change his attitude.

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