ShirtLayer-25What better way to kick off the Buy Union, Buy American month of December than with a handy list of the best in union made clothing – starting with our friends in the Northeast. Proud members of UNITE HERE associated with the New England Joint Board (NEJB) make some of the finest clothing in facilities located throughout Massachusetts. These union members’ hard work and dedication to quality has earned them a first-class reputation for the great clothing that they make.

The next time you go shopping, check out these clothes below made by UNITE HERE members and consider buying union made. And stay tuned for future lists of additional Union clothing manufacturers. Or click  on the "Apparel" link here for a complete list of union-made clothing options.

List of Union Made Clothes


Joseph Abboud: Union members of Local 377 in New Bedford, MA, produce this high quality line of tailored suits and clothes. Found in stores all over the world, the Joseph Abboud brand has become synonymous fashion and style. Local 377 members make over 1,000 Joseph Abboud suits every day!

Southwick: If you’re looking for the best in men’s suits, you must put Southwick on your list. Made my members of Local 187 in Haverville, MA, Southwick clothing is preferred by well-known personalities like Stephen Colbert and Joe Biden.

New England Shirt Company: Located in Fall River, MA, this clothing line consists of high-quality dress and sport shirts. Members of Local 177 make shirts for all occasions with a unique New England style.

Find more union-made clothing in the Labor 411 Consumer Products Directory:

Visit the UNITE HERE NEJB site to learn more about the proud members who make all these great products.

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