Watch How the Union-Made Oscar Statue is Created

By Sahid Fawaz

Made in Chicago, IL by the proud members of Teamsters Local 743 at the R.S. Owens & Company, the Oscar statue is one of the most recognizable awards in the world. And tonight, millions of people will be looking at it as some of the best in the entertainment industry are honored for their work. Below is a glimpse into just how this little golden man is made.

3rd Annual Oscars Special

The Oscars highlight the best in the movie business, and while we love to watch the stars (members of SAG-AFTRA) on the red carpet as much as anyone, there are multiple facets to film that are backed by union members. Costumers, cinematographers, stagehands, craftsmen and more make up an industry brimming with talent.

In their honor, we’ve put a fun list of union-made items together inspired by the Best Picture nominees for our 3rd Annual Oscars Special.

Hollywood, the Oscars and Supporting Good Jobs

By Michael Messina

One of the most famous working man’s wins at the Academy Awards was actually an award given to a woman, Sally Field. As a textile worker trying to organize in Norma Rae, her role as the titular character snagged her the Best Actress award at the 1980 Oscars. Screen shots of her holding a scrap of cardboard with the word “UNION” scratched across it float around labor social media sites pretty regularly, including our own Labor 411 Facebook page.

Five Sweet Valentine’s Day Classics

By Michael Messina

Whether it’s your wife of 50 years or a friendly coworker that deserves a nice surprise, these are five Valentine’s Day classics that will bring a little bit of joy into someone’s world. And of course, they’re union made.

Union Chef: One Pan Pasta

By Linda Dao

Looking for a simple yet delicious meal this Valentine’s Day? We have a pasta dish that requires minimal cooking time and less cleanup since everything is cooked in one pan.

As always, our recipes are designed with union-made ingredients and help support good jobs here in the U.S.!

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