Ethical Chef

  • Beer Can Chicken from the Ethical Chef

    By The Ethical Chef

    We all know that chicken and beer go together, and this recipe unites these two delicacies in a rather interesting way. Not only will this meal taste great, but by supporting the manufacturers of these ingredients - companies that treat their workers fairly - you’re helping to create a stronger middle class.

  • Pizza Bagels from the Ethical Chef

    Pizzas and bagels: two bready delicacies that some wise person decided would go great together.

  • 7 Typical Dishes Made Better with Bacon from the Ethical Chef

    By the Ethical Chef

    In a time when it seems like everyone has a dietary restriction of some sort, like gluten-free, vegan, or paleo, it’s sad to be confronted with the reality that what you put into your body actually matters. But there needs to be a bit of leeway in our diet in order to enjoy this cruel thing we call life.

  • Load up Your Baked Potatoes with Ethical Ingredients


    By the Ethical Chef

    When we call our baked potatoes “loaded,” we mean it in a good way. The cheese, the sour cream, the bacon…put ‘em all together and your spud will emerge locked, loaded and ready to devour. Not only that, when you prepare these potatoes using the right brands of ingredients made by companies who treat their workers fairly, you too will be armed for the fight to promote good jobs and strengthen the middle class.

  • Beef Tacos from the Ethical Chef

    By the Ethical Chef

    Have you ever wondered what’s in the food that hits your dinner table? No, we’re not talking about the nutritional value. You have control over that. We’re talking about whether the companies that produce the ingredients are treating their workers with dignity and respect. Does your dinner help promote good jobs and strengthen the middle class?